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This section contains comments and testimonials from some of our customers.

  • "Dear Mr. Godbold, 

    Writing to tell you about the customer service I experienced earlier this month while ordering replacement parts for one of my Pelican Case through your company.

    It’s not often that I take the time to actually write in about a simple transaction but after my encounter with your

    representative Jordan.  I felt it was necessary to let you know how impressed I was with his professionalism and hustle.

    The latches I needed were for an old case that was badly in need of a repair and had to get back into the rotation in short order.

    Initially it seemed as though the required latches would need to be brought in from elsewhere and while perfectly understandable given the age of

    the parts I accepted the reality that my fix would have to wait until I returned from my shoot and I would have to make due with out the case.

    Then suddenly I received a return call from Jordan who informed me I would be receiving my parts in time to meet my deadline.

    Apparently your man decided to take it upon himself to hunt through the inventory and locate the much needed items.

    Rather than simply rely on the information on his screen he took the time to actually look through the warehouse. 

    While some might consider this to be just part of the job I think it rare to find this kind of initiative in employees today, especially those who

    are of the generation of young Mr Roderick. His follow through was skillful and efficient and his approach left me feeling as though my simple

    request was important to him as it was to me.

    Jordan should be commended for his efforts as should you for having him in your employ.

    Well done everyone.

    Needless to say next road case will be ordered through"


  • "Hi Drew,

     I just opened up the case and contemplated your work – masterfully done – Thanks ! "


  • "Hi Larry,

    We received both the items today and they fit perfectly.

    Thank you very much for your help and expediting this."

  • "Hi Larry - received the locks yesterday, thank you very much for dealing with this so quickly. Much appreciated."


  • "Good morning Larry,

    I hope this finds you well...

    My intention this morning was to send you a note of appreciation for the direction you pointed me in regarding the cases I am in need of. This is due to having followed your suggestion I actually discovered, not only are the cases made In California, but they are located in my backyard (so to speak), San Diego County. This being said, I thank you for being of such integrity as to pass on the order and to provide me with a suggestion in which I will benefit from greatly. I only wish there were more people in the industry I serve who were made of such moral character."

    Have a great day!

    Best regards,


    Steven M. Escandon, CEO

    No Second Thoughts, Inc. (NST)

  • "Thank you, Larry.  Case looks great!"

    Cheers, John F.

  • "Good morning Larry and Drew- I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to say thank you for getting the inserts done quickly- I know it must have been a challenge but I appreciate the tremendous effort. I want to wish you and your team all the very best for the coming New Year and wish you all Merry Christmas."

    Regards Lynn

  • "Thanks Larry, I will send the invoice off to our finance department today.  Thank you for the great customer service!"

    Best regards,  Chantal C.

  • "Thanks for the quick fulfillment and shipping of this order; the case and bezel kit look fantastic!

    enjoy your weekend... cheers!"

    Peter L.

  • "Hi Larry,

    We are very happy with the last order of cases you prepared for us and would like to place an order for the identical three cases if possible. "
          Thank you,

             Alana J. 

  • "Thanks Larry - I appreciate the service you guys offer!"


  • "Hello Larry- thank you for the email Larry and you guys have always been good to us-Drew is especially outstanding and has taken my calls and has helped me out in time of crisis so I will deliver the same message back- I appreciate the good service you have provided and we all run into situations that are extreme and that’s just business."

          Lynn C

  • "Hello Larry,

    The cases arrived safely at our museum.  Thank you - they look great and sturdy!"

         Thank you.


  • "Hello

    Thank you for the quick turn around on this order. The item has been received in Kyiv Ukraine in our diplomatic mail shipment today."

         Steven M.

           Petty Officer First Class 

  • "Thank for having my case ready for Christmas. Very nice built. And thanks again for your cooperation with my son. HAPPY NEW YEAR"   Reynald

  • "Hi Larry,

    Thanks, I appreciate the invoice and the excellent service.

    Have a great Christmas,"


  • "Thanks Larry.  Just an fyi, the case showed up on schedule, and is exactly what we needed.  Happy customer."

    Warren S.

  • "Hello Larry,

    Pelican 0500 case arrived today safe and sound, and quick delivery as well thanks,"   Jules

  • "Thank you so much for the quick service. .so pleased that I found your company ...very efficient"   Tammy B.

  • "Received the case today. Your excellent service is greatly appreciated. Thanks & have a great day" ..................Dave

  • "Thanks so much for the fast response and delivery of my order. Amazing NANUK 940 case. Excellent quality, liked the latches, build is excellent. Made in CANADA. Very nice. Thanks" FRED.

  • "Thanks we got the eTest Kit Case.

    Looks good and nice work. Have a good weekend !

    With best regards,"
    Vinod A.

  • "Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the invoice, a pleasure doing business with you. Can't wait to see the finished product."  Greg R.

  • "Hi Larry,

    Thank you for your help and information!
    Looking forward to receiving the shipment :)
    Have a nice day,"

  • "Hi Larry,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and your employees help in finding the right case for me, it worked out well."

    Colin T.

  • "Thank you very much - you make a great product and your service is excellent."



  • "Good Morning Larry,

    You are the best!

    Thanks a lot,"


  • "Hi Larry,

    I will forward the invoice to our finance department today.

    Thank you for the continued great service!"  Chantal C.

  • "Thanks, Larry.

    Your guys did a great job!!"  Paul H.

  •  "Thanks Larry. 

    Case came the day after you shipped it.

    Thanks for the quick service and for selling Canadian made products."


  • "Thanks Larry. Great customer service - it is very much appreciated."  Susan

  • "Thank you so much for your prompt response!

    We are currently awaiting another component of the order to be quoted.

    As soon as that is submitted to us, we can take our final quote to our customer.

    I hope to get back to you with soon the same efficiency that you have for us." Diane

  • "Hey Larry Nice job on the case it looks good and the fit is perfect. (F18 Scale Model )

  • "Thank you Larry,  just picked it up this morning.


    Nice work, once again thank you."



  • "Hello Larry


    Got the cases. Everything is great. Thanks for the outstanding service."


    David Chesson

  • "Wow!


    Thanks again!


    Really appreciate your service. "


    Martin Poirier

  • "Got the Case, you guys rock.


    Thank you."

  • "Thanks very much for your quick response and action to my issue regarding on line payment

    When I re-ordered the product I did receive via email:
    • Payment confirmation
    • Order received
    • order confirmation
    • Shipment ID
    • Tracking update


    Thanks very much for the excellent customer service, resolving the payment issue the same day, and the quick delivery of the Pelican case. The ordering process and customer service through your company was excellent, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone."

  • "Thanks for all your great service. We really appreciate how well you look after us."  Dave

  • "WOW! Honestly, it's amazing!! Fine craftsmanship! It is f------ perfect!!! I couldn't be happier, the wheels are exactly as I needed, I installed them earlier and they're spinning fine! I love the red arrow on the handle, that's a nice touch! " Matt


  • "Thanks Larry! We like and appreciate the service and pricing from your company."


  • "Received the new custom Flat Mag case today. Looks and works great. Thank you. Regards, " Jeff


  • "Thank you so much for your awesome service !" Sincerely, Eric


  • "Larry, Once again we really appreciate you sorting this out for us! We look forward to doing business with you again down the road."

           Best regards,



  • Hi Larry:

"Thank you for this. I wanted to let you know that the fellows working in your shop were very friendly and helpful. One fellow in particular took significant time to help me to select the appropriate case. I appreciated his knowledge, flexibility, patience and friendly demeanour."

           Yours sincerely,



  • "Fast !   Nice to do business with dealer like that. Best," Ray


  • "Everything looks in order. Thanks very much, I appreciate the fine service."

Best regards,



  • "Please let me know when you ship and thank you for the great service." Michael


  • "Thank you for the speedy service ! " Neave


  • "Thanks a lot for the quick shipping." Doug


  • "That's terrific. Thanks for your help with this. Always good doing business with you."


  • "Thank you Larry. I also want to let you know about the excellent customer service given to me by vour employees today. They helped me very much by installing the lid organizer. With my arthritis it would have been impossible, and my husband is not nearly as handy as he thinks he is. I will definitely recommend your store to others."


  • "Case is in, can't believe it got here this soon, thanks! Will be talking again soon, will be needing more."


  • "I received the case on Friday, looks great. We placed the tail section in and it fit well."

Thanks a lot.


  • "Perfect!
    Excellent service, best in the industry!!! I have to tell you the service you provide is exceptional. I have been approached by competitors who try to beat your prices, and delivery, but you have nothing to worry about.
    You have our loyalty due to the good prices, and incredible service. I cannot imagine anyone giving us the kind of service you offer.
    I really want to thank you sincerely."

Have a great day.
Best regards



  • "I got the cases today. They are excellent. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks." John


  • "Many thanks, excellent service." Roy


  • Just picked up the cases And I 'm very pleased, say thanks to the guys at the shop from me and I will for sure be using you in the future.
    Cpl Golby


  • "Thanks You guys are the best. I'm very pleased to have known you through wingspan design. I hope to give you more business going forward." Vincent


  • "It was a pleasure doing business with you. I won't hesitate to mention Custom Case if I hear that anyone else needs your type of product & services." Brenda


  • "I want to say thank you very much for the very fast delivery. It was Easter, and I didn't have to wait to proceed with my purchase. Very good transaction, without any problems. Excellent company. Do not wait to deal with." P.Verreault Québec.


  • "Thank you very much ...thanks also for the fast service, the flashlight is going to come in very handy...I was on nights last night and we had to look through all of our cars to find a Stinger that worked...." J. Dawson


  • Thanks for your service. You saved me a TON of running around. I'll be back, and I'll certainly let a bunch of people know where to find you. Cheers, M


  •  I recently purchased a #1720 case and I am very impressed with it. I am also very pleased with the service and support I received from Larry and Drew. They made the whole process very easy and enjoyable. I will recommend your company to my friends and co-workers.
    Bill Laird


  • Good afternoon Larry, Just wanted to thank you guys for the excellent work that you did with our customized service case. We are all very happy with the end result. It is exactly what we needed and will be put to good use.

Thanks once again,

Best regards,

Ed Pilkington
  •  Hi Larry,
    Its good doing business with you as the service you provide is great. Much appreciated.


  •  Bonjour!
    I received the order yesterday. Wow, what a great service.
    Thank you! Jean-Yves


  • Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the cases today. They look great. We will be packing the equipment tomorrow. Thanks again for pushing this through.


M Barrett


  • Hi Larry,

The cases arrived today and they are perfect. I will get getting a few more when my budget allows. I have also recommended you to a few folks in my circle so expect some additional orders soon.



  • Hi Larry, Received the shipment today. Thanks for a great product at a great price and for the friendly and efficient service!


Jeff Hall


  • Thank you, your assistant was very professional and informative of your products. Mario


  • I just wanted to let you know I got the case; it's great. It's been a pleasure doing business with your company and I will definitely keep you in mind when we need something else. Regards,


  • Thank you for your great service on the exchange." Alex


  • "I just want to say thank you for such great service. The case I ordered Tuesday afternoon, was delivered to the door this morning, in lots of time for Christmas! This was after I'd wasted more than one day driving around Thunder Bay trying to find a local supplier. I've got to make the switch to on-line shopping! Thanks again, and Seasons Greetings" Wendy.


  • "Our cases just came in, and the foam cut-outs look awesome. Thanks for your great service! " Dany Lafontaine, Ph.D.
    Coordonnateur des laboratoires/ Laboratory Coordinator


  • "Quick note to tell you how happy I am with my new Pelican cases, and the service you provided to me again was flawless, from quick shipping to clear invoices, nothing is missed by your team." Frederic


  •  "Thank you very much for the great service. We look forward to doing business with you again when we can". Gordon


  • "The cases are such a hit I would like to order two more." Sharon


  • "got it love it and will be in touch for the gun case, thanks." Ken


  • "Thanks! I like the case and appreciate your time in helping me get the extra padding fitted. Take care." James.


  • "The case came yesterday and most pleased. Very nice and very good communication and delivery. I will recommend you to other people I know. Take care and hope to do business again, Have a safe and enjoyable holidays". Tim


  • "I just received my 1610 with the pick n' pluck foam. I ordered it less than 24 hours ago, and it arrived in perfect shape. I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your service, and will recommend you in the future. Keep up the good work." Matthew


  • "First to tell you how thrilled I am about your service. I received my stuff this morning and everything fits perfectly. Thank you." Frederic


  • "I received the Pelican case for the Sony camera and it fits GREAT! I must admit I had my doubt about my tracing and dimensions and how accurate they would be. The camera fits very snug but does not have to be forced in. GREAT JOB!" Tedd


  • "Wow you people are fast! The case arrived Tuesday morning. It's absolutely PERFECT. Great job by all involved with an incredibly professional looking product. Pleasure doing business with you". Margaret


  • "Thank you very much for the great service.
    We look forward to doing business with you again when we can." Gordon


  • "Outstanding service! Just received a replacement latch for my 1490 laptop case. Was a great suprise in an otherwise hectic week". Bruce


  • "Just a little note to tell you I didn't have time to check the tracking of my package....It arrived this morning at 10am! I have seen fast, but that is VERY fast! Thanks again, all items are great. Will strongly recommend your company to my fellows in the beautiful film industry. The fastest service I have seen yet from any company in Canada. First time customer but surely not the last time! And the prices are right! Thank you ! " F.Chanmberland


  • "Hello I am Ryan Sargent I recently bought a Pelican 1200 case from you and it's great. I received it only 3 days after ordering it and the price was great compared to others. Right now I have a Garmen GPS unit in it and a pair of Motorola hand radios. The case is perfect for these, love it."


  • "I got the 1750 Pelican case today and love it and the free light works great. Thanks for your help. My friend is considering buying a handgun after Christmas and I will highly recommend he buy a Pelican case for his new purchase from you. It is hard to find true customer service these days and your lighting fast response and quote was great. I just received a quote today form another company for $250.00 and I requested all the quotes the same day. Well thank you for your help it was a pleasure doing business with you. " Joseph Johnson


  • " We just received this and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all of your help, I will sure and let you know if we will be needing another one in the future. Thanks again for such a quick and great job! " (Kim Chestnut)


  • " Thanks again for the great service, I will be ordering again. At least one more 1750 and maybe some  smaller acc. cases. Great service! " (George)


  • " The cases arrived first thing this morning. They look great! Thanks for your excellent work. Best regards", (Dave)


  • " Thank you for your prompt reply and your good advice. Apparently the Australian agency has been changed (could it have been because of poor service to customers????) and when I contacted the new agent, he immediately organized the posting of the replacement catches. He is also organizing one their reps to contact me with current prices etc. So all has moved in the right direction thanks to you. Best regards," (Ted Jones)


    " Last week, I purchased a Pelican Travel Vault from Larry based on information from your website. Your company had very competitive prices and I was pleased to see that you also have excellent customer service. My case arrived at my door only four days after I called in the order. Thank you for such a pleasant business transaction." (Bryan Tucker)


  • " The custom cases for the 4240 electronic signs arrived today. They look good and the equipment fits like a glove. The locking hasp, the hinge stops, the hand access slot, the extra wide wheelbase, and the sturdy construction are all nice touches that were unexpected. The cases are perfect. Thank you."(C.Rock)


  • " The crates arrived and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for
    your work and craftsmanship." (T. Legari)


  • " I just wanted to let you know that I received my Pelican 1200 case today and to thank you for the great service. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly use your company again, should I require any more cases." (D.Neufeglise)


  • " Thanks for the prompt delivery of the 4 cases. We just finished packing everything up and they are on their way to California. Everything fit as planned." (B. Sawchuck)


  • " I received my Pelican case for my laptop and am very satisfied with your product. I'll be sending a few friends in your direction for more orders. Thanks for the service." (M. Lord)


  • " Many thanks for your help and great service". (C. Adshead)


  • " Just finished payment. Thank you for offering such incredible customer services. The links to forms in your email make things so simple. It appears that we will have the case before we leave for our show! Thanks again! " (F. Middleton)


  • " I want to thank you for your assistance in producing the cases for us. The cases arrived in time for us to use and I appreciate your expediting the procedure. I realize that we were pretty demanding in our requests, but your working with us helped us make our project a success." (L. McClelland)


  • " Very nice online ordering system, I was very impressed by it." (K. LaFontaine)


  •  " You have the best online purchasing program that I have seen, and we are in the business of designing them for fortune 500 companies. I really like the feature that allows the customer to print out the receipt. It is very user friendly." (G. Fisher)


  • " The Project Director has asked me to forward to you our thanks for responding to our need for these boxes (cases) quickly. We are very pleased with the quality of the boxes (cases) and have every confidence that these boxes (cases) will protect the notebooks as we send them around the world to various destinations we are training at." (N. Heaton Project Administrator)


  • " We received the case the next morning as promised and we are pleased with the results. Thanks for the painless and very prompt manner in which you handled my request. If we need cases in the future, we will seek out CUSTOM CASE COMPANY first." (Bud Finney, Enviromental Consultant)


  • " I just got back from China and had a chance to see the sword case. You guys
    did a fantastic job. Thanks for all the good work." (Bud Weightman)


  • " Thanks for meeting with us. You have a good product " (C. Carson, Non Production Buyer)


  • " Thanks very much for the case you built for us. We are very happy with it. It came just in time for us to use it. We will no doubt recommend your services to others who ask us about the case and how to get one." (K. Osburn, President)


  • " Thank you for the follow up. The guys are really happy with the new case." ( F. Costa )


  • " The case arrived today and looks great. Thank you for all of your patience and help. We will definitely keep you in mind if we need anything else ". ( M. Martin )


  • " The Tour has been going really well as the cases are still together (was there any doubt ?). We've done 17,000 miles in the last month. The Canadian Tour starts Sept. 26th in Vancouver " ( M. Lamarche )


  • " A late thank you and I want to let you know that the company is very happy with the cases. They are what we wanted and you have been very helpful." (C. Lerza)


  • " The 1650 we got from you is fabulous. Thanks. " (P. Minn)



  • "I was driving down along Highway 417 when I noticed what appeared to be a flight case lying on the side of the road. I pulled over and upon closer inspection found that it was a rack mount case with a Bryston 4B amplifier inside. Everything was intact, apart from a few dents and scrapes on the case and the front face plate of the amplifier was slightly bent. I recognized the engraving on the amplifier as belonging to a local Sound and Lighting rental company and after returning the equipment it was discovered it had fallen off of the back of a pickup truck. The amplifier still worked fine and the rental customer was relieved to hear it had been returned."


  • " I was about to leave my seat on the airplane and happened to be looking out my window when I saw our tilt-wheel case doing a 360 off of the baggage conveyor belt. I watched with horror as my 3 laptops, docking stations and video conferencing equipment plummeted to the tarmac. Unfortunately (for someone else) the cases fall was broken by a Samsonite suitcase which was totally flattened by the impact (the case and contents weighed about 100 lbs.). As I was making my way through the terminal I tried to keep a straight face as the poor guy who owned the luggage our case had destroyed was struggling and trying to stuff his belongings back into his demolished suitcase. Our case required some minor surgery to one of the wheels but everything else was OK and we continued our sales trip."


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